PayPal QR codes - a touch-free, easy way to get paid.

Let your customers know you accept PayPal by showing your QR code wherever you sell.

Save 25% when you buy two or more items* and enjoy 0% seller transaction fees until 2021** when you sell using your QR code.

How to activate your new QR code.

When you receive your seller kit, you need to use the PayPal account you used to purchase to activate each item. Follow these simple steps:

How to accept touch-free payments with minimal set up.

See how easy it is to get paid, all on the PayPal app.

You can always download your unique QR code for free.

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You'll need an account with PayPal to accept payments using QR codes. It's a secure, easy way to pay and get paid—if you don't have an account already, sign up for free now.

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Have an account but not the app?

Generate your QR code anywhere and on demand using the PayPal app. Available on iOS or Android.